It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend to recommend Ms. Grace for her next position as a Horne Health Aide. After a bad fall and a stay in a rehabilitation facility for his broken ankle, my father required twenty four hour care in his home while he completed his recovery. Ms. Grace supported him this past month for a few weeks until he could manage on his own.

A wise, kind, trustworthy, efficient, calm and even tempered aide, Ms. Grace was exactly what my father needed. Despite my father’s female friend’s challenging behaviors, Ms. Grace was always composed and kind. In addition, she was an excellent cook. It is without reservation that I recommend Ms. Grace and Executive Care. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Janine P.

It’s been over three weeks since Bernice landed on my parents’ doorstep, and she’s proved herself to be a vital asset each and every day! Her compassion, attentiveness, and cleanliness set the gold standard – and her cooking scores top ratings with the food critic himself, Daddy. Bernice also easily won Mom’s confidence from the get-go as well. Despite her dementia, our red-headed little doll is still quite discerning and knows instinctively whom she can trust.
We Three can’t thank you enough for assigning Bernice to the “project”. I’m sure a professional caregiver of such high caliber will be quickly snatched up by some other lucky client, but we’d love to have Bernice as our “permanent” substitute in the future.
Great thanks and all best wishes.

Gigi S.

I must take a moment to tell you what terrific aides you have sent to my mom.
First of all Cynthia is a dream. She and my mom have developed a wonderful relationship. She is proactive and helps push my mom to do things she might not otherwise attempt. IT is a love fest between the two of them ….
Second of all, Veronica is perhaps one of the most caring and wonderful individuals I have ever met. Her compassion for my mom is only outdone by the goodness that shines from her. The other aid that we have had from you – Annabelle was also terrific.
I have told more people about your company that you can imagine. You know in my business, I have many clients who provide nursing/companion services such as yours. (My job is to review their costs in Workers comp insurance) and yet even though I have clients who do what you do, I really only want to contract services through you. That says a lot! You and Noreen have been professional and wonderful. If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to use my name.
You helped to make a tough situation manageable and I thank you for your efforts.

Marsha C.

I’d like to convey to you how wonderful the aide Afia is for my mother’s care. She has been with her since last January, and has become more than just a caregiver.
She truly “cares” and is skillful in her abilities. My mom has had several health situations and her current health has improved to the best she has been in several years. Both her doctor and my family attribute a large part of that to Afia’s care. She is diligent about her diet and sleep patterns, and her “toileting” issues. All of this has contributed greatly to my mom’s overall improved health and her peace of mind as well as our family’s peace of mind.
We cannot say enough about her. We are also very satisfied with Executive Care all the way around, from the billing department and everyone we speak with on the phone, very courteous and professional.

Cindi E.

It’s almost five years since we have been receiving caregivers through Executive Care, and I would like to take this transitional period to express our appreciation for the services you have provided thus far.

We are particularly appreciative of the special attention and care Lili has given to our case. Lili has been very sensitive to our particular needs and it has been and remains important to us to have consistency in the arrangements by having Lili as our go-to person in light of Dr. E’s special needs. It is apparent that Lili has many other important responsibilities so we wanted to thank Executive Care and Lili for the efforts she has made on our behalf.”

Judge Naomi E.

We have been very happy with Nancy B. and the way she has cared for Ann these past few months. Nancy B. has been a wonderful companion for Ann, she has thoughtfully cared for her and helped Ann in many ways. Our aunt has enjoyed Nancy B.’s attention and assistance and we are very pleased. Thank you for your service

Pat L.

We very much appreciate your wonderful aides for their splendid energy, flexibility and attitude. They have all succeeded in spoiling me quite thoroughly. I enjoyed the way in which I could request either their presence or absence, and they were cheerful to be around.
Both Kelly and I.H. really brighten the room as they enter and they both have practical skills and finding their way in new environment.
All your aides reflect their employer’s loving attention to detail and are a pleasure to be around.

Baryl S.

I have had business dealings with Executive Care for some time now and have invariably been very satisfied. The personnel have been considerate, trustworthy, capable and always responsive. They have provided a genuine physical and emotional lift to the patient, in my case an elderly, frail sister.
I do not hesitate to recommend the organization for the services rendered.

Samuel S.

Jes recommended “Executive Care”. I instantly knew Executive Care would be a good fit. The girl who cared for my father was very responsible, trustworthy, caring and concerned for his welfare. What a relief for my sister and I to have someone we could count on and trust. I couldn’t be more pleased!
Thank you for your service.

Paula C.

I am very pleased to provide this recommendation to Executive Care, the home care agency that provided services to my parents for much of 2008 (my mother has Alzheimer’s, which prompted us to find home care for her and my father). After working with at least 2 other agencies, my family contracted Executive Care in an effort find an agency that provided quality, caring service. We had negative experiences with our previous agencies – they were inattentive, inconsistent, difficult to contact, and the quality of the aides they provided was generally low and uneven.
In contrast, Executive Care provided a truly exceptional level of care and interest in my parents’ needs. Executive Care supervisors personally visited my parents regularly to check on things, were incredibly patient and attentive, and ensured that they received the very highest quality care.
Furthermore, they were in frequent contact with me and went the extra mile to update my family about my parents’ situation. It was a relief to have finally located an agency that I trusted and that was so responsive. This was especially important since my siblings and I live far away from my parents, making it difficult and anxiety-provoking to monitor the care they receive.
Notably, Executive Care closely monitored the placement of aides to my parents’ home, and worked diligently to ensure that they were placed with an excellent aide. Given my mother’s Alzheimer’s condition, this was no small task. Yet ultimately they found an aide that was truly exceptional and with whom my mother developed a close, comfortable bond.
It is difficult to find an agency that provides quality, caring service. I highly recommend Executive Care to anyone looking for a home care agency.

Steven B.

My sister Bella and I had our mother in four other home care companies from November 1991 to August 2008.
By August 2008, my mom had either severe dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, was legally blind, no longer was able to walk, and needed assistance in almost every phase of her life.
Bell and I once again were looking for a good home care company for our Mother. When we walked in the door at “Executive Care” and talked to the owners, we knew we had discovered a very special place. From the first day we received their service, our mom has received kind, and loving care and we feel that this is the very best company we have ever had. Caregivers are well trained, concerned, and loving. We have easy access to the owners of the company when we need to discuss a problem or concern regarding our Mother. We have recommended “Executive Care” to others who need such special care for their loved ones, and are truly grateful that we can count on good care, even if we aren’t there every day.
Thank you for your dedication to giving the best care to people who need dignity and compassion in their latter years of their lives.

Sofiya M.

I just wanted to send you this note to let you know how pleased we are with Pam. She is very reliable, capable, and trustworthy. It’s a great relief to us to know that Pam is caring for our father every day making sure he eats well, maintaining a safe environment, ensuring that he takes his medications, shopping for groceries, doing the laundry, and keeping him and the house clean. She makes it a point to buy and cook him foods that he likes, while keeping in mind his dietary restrictions and his health. I visit him once a week and I am always pleased to find him dressed and clean and the house in order.
My family and I feel that my father’s general health has improved in the last few months, and we know that this is due in large part to Pam.

Linda F.